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Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

Recurring professional cleaning services for constant peace of mind

When the weather is hot and your family is coming together for a big swim, you want to make sure your pool is sparkling clean. Having crystal-clear waters with no grime, leaves, or dirt gathering along your walls is the perfect way to make your pool inviting and enjoyable for everyone.

However, it can take time and effort to treat, clean, and scrub your pool if you so choose to maintain it yourself. Instead, you need a dedicated cleaning service you can rely on to clean your pool on a regular schedule. The highly trained professionals at Prime Pools can extend the life of your pool, lower maintenance costs, and have it ready all season long.

Lubbock Pool Cleaners

Pool Cleaning Treatments and Services

Prime Pools offers a variety of services that help any Lubbock homeowner in getting the most out of their pool. The company specializes in pool maintenance, restoration, and renovation using the latest pool technology and innovation. Since 2009, Prime Pools has been helping Texas residents build and maintain swimming pools through specialized programs.

Why Prime Pools?

  • Affordable Pricing
  • Chemicals are included
  • Local pool technicians

Swimming Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Benefits

Maintaining Your Pool

Already have a pool but need some extra help keeping it ready during swimming season? Prime Pools will come out to your home every week to check the chemical levels of your pool and clean up any debris that happens to fall in. Our trained technicians use state-of-the-art tools to check the ph, alkalinity, and chlorine levels and provide whatever treatments are necessary.

No algae or bacteria are able to survive after our deep scrubbing and chemical treatments on every inch of your pool’s interior. Not only will you get a full cleaning of service every week, but our crew will even check for minor repairs along your system filtration lines to ensure your pool is clean and ready for the big party.

Restoring Your Pool

Without proper care, your pool will have a buildup of grime, algae, and other contaminants along your pool surface. Prime Pools offers a full restoration package that will get your pool shining like new again. Many people think their pool is beyond saving and spend thousands of dollars investing in complete renovations. Let our team take a look and save you money from large pool renovation projects. We’ll preserve your original design so you can get your dream pool back.

Specific Chemical Purchasing

Prime Pools takes out all the guesswork that can come with pool ownership. With our buying power, we are able to get chemicals at an affordable rate, so we include all chemicals in our maintenance programs. With this, our homeowners don’t overpay for chemicals and only get exactly what is needed for their specific pool needs.

Types of Pools We Clean

Concrete Pools

Properly maintained concrete pools can help it last for up to 50 years. These are one of the most common types of pools and as a result, our team has plenty of experience getting them to tip-top shape. The biggest issue of concrete is that calcium builds up more easily so checking your chemical levels is essential to having a truly clean pool.

Fiberglass Pools

Over the years, we have seen a spike in fiberglass pools becoming the more widely used option. The efforts required to keep it maintained and the costs required are a much easier approach for the homeowner, and the pool itself is valued for its durability.

Inground Vinyl Liner Pools

As some of the most durable and nonporous pools available, inground vinyl liner pools are smooth and nonporous, but improper water chemistry can bleach, deteriorate and ruin a liner. They are also susceptible to punctures and tears so it’s imperative that proper equipment is used.  While other pool surfaces are textured and leave room for small algae and bacteria to grow, vinyl liners are smooth and decrease any growth and deterioration.

Pool Cleaning FAQ

What is the importance of keeping your pool clean?

Without consistent cleaning, your pool gathers algae, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms. This can quickly result in dirty water that, when ingested, is harmful to all family and friends who swim in your pool.

What are the consequences of an unkept pool?

Having a beautiful pool installed is all wasted if you don’t keep it clean on a regular basis. In addition to all the health risks your pool poses when it’s not clean, there are other factors you want to consider.

  • Pool walls and tile will become stained
  • Water will irritate people’s eyes
  • Decreased life expectancy of filters and pumps
  • Increased bacteria and algae, leading to dangerous risks
  • Infections of the ear, nose, and throat.

Nature itself will dirty your pool over time but so too will the lotions, oils, and dirt on a person’s body. Unless people take a shower before entering the pool, all the debris they have gathered throughout the day goes into your pool. Regular pool maintenance is the only way to mitigate these and other risks.

How often should a pool be cleaned?

Your pool should be cleaned and maintained weekly, year-round. Living in west Texas we deal with harsh weather like our dirt storms, and if not treated properly and in a timely manner, it can cause damage. Professionals at Prime Pools use the proper chemicals and tools to look after your pool and prevent any of that damage from occurring.

What is the difference In self-cleaning vs. professional services?

Taking the time and effort to clean your pool yourself can save you money and give you personal satisfaction. Learning how to clean a pool yourself even helps you diagnose problems, which can help you communicate to a service exactly what you need. However, not everyone has time to spend several hours every week or spend money on professional tools to get the right type of cleaning. That’s where a service like Prime Pools can help save you time and effort in getting your pool thoroughly cleaned.

How much does It cost to clean a pool?

Every pool is different in size, frequency of use, types of products used, and type of equipment. That means that every home is going to have a different cost when it comes to cleaning. A general rule of thumb is, a one-time deep cleaning will cost more than weekly, scheduled cleanings. Our professional will provide a complete estimate of the cost of cleaning your pool based on what you are looking for and the current condition of your swimming pool.

Do I really need professional swimming pool cleaners?

Technically, you do not need a service to maintain and clean your pool, but the amount of time and physical effort required is overwhelming for most homeowners. A pool technician follows a strict process and uses industrial-strength tools to ensure a deep, thorough clean. The results are not only cleaner and safer than you could do on your own but can save you time and money in the long run.

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